Indoor Cycling classes are taught at our Chamblee location in structured classes/courses.  Each class consists of up to 13 athletes and a certified coach – we provide the CompuTrainers and the athlete brings their own trainer skewer and bike.  The framework for a class is based on a periodized curriculum, using training blocks with specific work:recovery relationships.  Each class consists of 2 sessions per week.   In the three years since introducing our indoor cycling program, we can proudly include in the accomplishments of our Indoor Cycling athletes multiple 70.3 podium finishers, multiple Ironman World Championship qualifiers, USA Triathlon National Overall and Age Group Champions and Ironman World Championship podium athletes.



Dynamo Multisport believes in the literal power of Indoor Cycling using CompuTrainers.

  • Our equipment allows the individual to train in a safe, standardized, controlled environment, maximizing the athlete’s training time investment – no traffic and drivers, stop lights, stop signs, inclement weather and other variables that often interfere with training
  • Our equipment allows individuals to train with power, a preferable guiding metric because it is not as influenced by as many outside variables such as the more traditional Heart Rate metric.  If you own a Heart Rate Monitort (HRM), we do encourage to use it while in class.  However, our sessions will be based on your FTP and not a Lactate Threshold value from your Heart Rate.
  • Unlike other Indoor Cycling equipment, Our equipment allows the athlete to use their own bike.  Specificity in training is critical, and we believe that specificity also means that you should spend as much of your cycling training in the exact bike position in which you will be competing.


Athletes can always enter into a class “mid-series” if there is space available.  Please inquire if you are interested in joining a class even after the series has commenced.  Our current block of classes is Series T:

DURATION: November 4th – December 19th

NOTE:  There will be no classes the week of November 25th

REGISTRATION: To Register, please click HERE



5’45am: Base Skill: Coach Matthew

7’05am Base Skill: Coach Matthew


5’30am Intervals: Coach Matthew **SOLD OUT**

7’05am Intervals: Coach Matthew


5’45am Intervals: Coach Matthew

COSTS: $96 for the series (1 day; $190 for two classes)  /  Drop-ins -> $20

NOTE: Athletes who purchase the entire series worth of classes will be allowed to use the equipment during off-hours at their own discretion provided a coach is available to open the Loft for their use

All sessions will leverage the primary benefits of our training system: a controlled, specific environment that is structured around achieving specific adaptations using your own bike, a certified instructor and a true team of your classmates.  The classes will be structured appropriately for Transition Season.  Tuesdays will be a Base Skill & Strength, emphasizing skill and neuromuscular work.  Our Wednesday and Thursday classes will feature force intervals with emphasis on power maintenance.

You do not need to be a previous PowerCycle athlete to take advantage of our methodology that has helped new athletes successfully complete their first races as well as send athletes to the podium at 70.3 and Ironman races, including multiple podium finishes at the Ironman World Championships!  For more information about our Indoor Cycling classes, please contact Matthew.

Important Items

  • When signing up for a Series session, all athletes are committed to the full entirety of the session.  You are slotted for your specific time/day combination.  For example, athletes registering for the Monday 5:30 AM class are slotted only for that day/time combination.  If you are going to miss a class, we will try to accommodate a make-up date within the available classes if possible.  Please work with one of the coaches to try and schedule a make-up session.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate any missed sessions.
  • We ask that all athletes run a Continental Ultra Sport Home Trainer tire on their rear wheel.  These tires are designed specifically for Indoor Cycling and cause less wear and tear on the CompuTrainers.  A trainer tire will easily last 3-6 months.  For those athletes running 650cc tires, we recommend purchasing a cheaper, harder tire to run in place of the trainer-specific tire.  NOTE: Do not run any tires used in class when cycling outdoors.
  • **NEW** We are asking all athletes to provide their own trainer skewer/quick release.   Most bike shops carry a trainer-specific skewer.  Please bring your own to ensure you will be able to ride using the provided equipment.
  • Please arrive 5-minutes prior to the designated start of class to set-up your bike at your designated CompuTrainer
  • Please bring a towel to place over your frame to help avoid dripping corrosive sweat on your bike
  • Please bring at least two water bottles to hydrate.  Unlike riding on the road where you get a natural cooling effect from head winds, Indoor Cycling does get hot.  We try to minimize the heat accumulation through excess ventilation, running several fans.