At Dynamo Multisport, all of our coaches are full-time industry professionals. This is what we do from before the sun rises to well after it sets, much like the athletes to whom we provide counsel. We believe that coaching is a calling. It’s bred of passion and rigour. We believe coaching is not a business. It’s the reason why, as Dynamo Multisport, we don’t have Consultation/Start-up Fees. Nor do we have “Non-Competes” with the valued members of our coaching staff. In fact, we believe in nourishing our coaches with the goal of making them independent if they so choose to be. We coach because we love the process of working with individuals to share in the pursuit of their goals. It’s that simple. You invest in us. We invest in you. From beginners to professionals, our coaches work within the context of your goals and constraints in the pursuit of achieving your dreams.

Why Dynamo Multisport?

What We Believe

The Intersection of Picasso & Pasteur

We believe coaching is art and science, and how those two factions coexist vary by athlete and timing. We believe listening is the foundation of the art side of coaching and that dialogue is imperative to successful outcomes. Our coaches balance the art of coaching with the science of human performance, fortified by years of experience in the field working with athletes and managing the balance.

There’s No Secret Sauce

We, as a coaching staff, don’t have a unified training philosophy. There’s no cookie-cutter methodology we apply across each person. How our coaches program depends on the athlete, their history, their constraints and goals. Our two primary goals are to get you to the start line (a) healthy and (b) prepared always juxtaposed against your constraints and goals. The one common philosophy we have, though, is a core belief that there is no secret sauce to endurance sports success. However, the one common ingredient in successful outcome is consistency in the process of training. We work with our athletes to determine what they can fit in and when they can fit it in. It’s up to us, as your coach, to determine how we can best apply the levers available for us to pull.

Stress + Recovery = Adaptation

Training or programming boils down to a s simple formula of stress + recovery = adaptation. Finding consistency in the process of applying that formula is critical to long-term successful outcomes in endurance sport. Juggling your changing constraints, leveraging our knowledge and experience in training, finding the means to get athletes to believe in themselves and trusting the process are some of the nuances that distinguish a coach from a static training plan. Our coaches take into account all the information available to them and program your training around this formula, complementing the equation with counsel on nutrition, hydration, equipment to help you get the most out of your own personal context. In short, we want to you to be the best you on race day in context of your preparation.

How We Work

It Starts with a Dialogue

We begin the conversation by phone or email. It usually depends on how the prospective athletes reaches us. Over the course of one or more communications, we get an idea of your history, your constraints and your goals and discuss the mechanics and principles of our coaching as it relates to your own individual needs. If both sides believe there is a fit, we move into formal paperwork, of which the central deliverable is an Athlete Profile which we use as the formal starting point for documenting your history, constraints, preferences and your goals. This document in combination with our conversations allows us to form a Foundation Week of training. One that is repeatable. One that invites consistency. One that we can use as the starting point in the process of training to reach your goals.

It Continues with a Dialogue

We use a web-based training program delivery and athlete logging tool called TrainingPeaks. Our coaches typically deliver workouts in 1-2 week chunks. Workouts are programmed for the week to take into account your schedule & availability. If something changes in your schedule (we know life happens!), we adjust your program to reflect your constraints. We rely on TrainingPeaks to close the loop on the details of your training. You execute the prescribed workout. You log the workout with subjective and objective data. We review the data, provide feedback when appropriate and adjust your training as needed to deliver the adaptations we are seeking for the current training period. Between the programming and the athlete logging, we provide counsel on nutrition, race schedules, race plans, equipment selection and testing. There are no rules about contact – email, phone or text. We do what it takes to make sure that we are communicating well, whatever the communication channel ends up being. It’s a dynamic process. There’s nothing static about the we we want our athlete-coaching relationships to work.

What’s the Skinny?

So what’s the summary version of what is and isn’t included as a Coached Athlete? Coached Athletes are provided:

  • Their own TrainingPeaks Premium account that the athlete owns in perpetuity. We pay this account while you are on our roster.
  • Unlimited access to your coach via email, phone, text. Most phone communication is initiated by the athlete.
  • Access to partner discounts and special partner offers

Dynamo Masters Swimming is a separate service and is not included in your fees as a Coached Athlete. Athletes must register and pay for Masters Swimming independently of Dynamo Multisport.
Indoor Cycling and Blood Lactate Testing are additional services and are not included in your monthly coaching fee.

Next Steps
If you are interested in working with us, please contact Coach Matthew directly.

Meet the Coaches

Matthew Rose - Head Coach / Founder

Matthew is the Founder and Head Multisport Coach of Dynamo Multisport. Prior to his full-time entry into the world of swimming, cycling and running, Matthew served as an assistant swimming coach at Stanford University (women) and later at Arizona State University (men and women) working primarily with distance athletes while pursuing his graduate studies. At both locations he worked with numerous Olympians, world record-holders and NCAA champions. He was on staff for Stanford’s last NCAA championship team in 1998.  After his full-time stints in the swimming world, Matthew served as a management consultant for 8 years.  Matthew left his position at The North Highland Company to be a full-time endurance sports coach in February of 2009. Matthew is married to his wife, Elizabeth, and has three wonderful children: Elle, William and Cal.

Since starting Dynamo Multisport his athletes’ accomplishments have included:

  • Dozens of Ironman Hawaii Qualifiers, including a professional, and three Age Group podium finishes at the Ironman World Championship
  • Consulted with and programmed for member of USA Triathlon’s 2016 Rio Games team, specifically addressing swim sessions and swim planning
  • Multiple professional podiums, including seven overall victories, and the top two American females at the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championship
  • One USAT Olympic Distance Overall National Champion
  • 2 USAT National Champions (AG) – Olympic Distance & Sprint Distance
  • Dozens of Age Group podium finishes at WTC Ironman & 70.3 events
  • Multiple overall champions at both local, regional and national triathlons
  • More than 80 Iron-distance finishes

Matthew’s own personal results have included

  • 8 Ironman finishes, including 4 trips to the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and a 1st place AG finish (7th OA amateur) at Ironman Louisville in 2012
  • Multiple overall and age group wins at local, regional and national races
  • Multiple USAT All-American distinctions

Coaching Rates (2017)

  • Multisport: $300/month  **If you are 18-29 years old, please inquire directly with Coach Matthew via email about rates**
  • Single-sport: $175/month
  • Lactate Testing: $100 (Coached Athlete – Repeat) $135 (Coached Athlete – New) / $185 (Others)
  • 1:1 Skill Development: Please inquire
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Maria Thrash - Head Masters Swimming Coach
Head Masters Swimming Coach
Maria is the Head Coach of Dynamo Masters & Triathletes and also acts as the Head Swimming Coach and multisport coach for Dynamo Multisport. She has more than 30 years of coaching experience in the sport of swimming. She is well-versed in the intricacies of training for Open Water Swimming and the associated stroke mechanics unique to open water swimming. Maria’s Masters swimming program is the only program in the entire world that can boast the top female amateur swim times from the Ironman World Championships in each of the last fours years: 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. She recently had the top female pro exit the water first in Kona this past October. In 2009 and 2011 two of her Masters athletes finished #1 & #5, respectively in Hawaii.

In 2012 alone, her masters swimmers led the field out of the water: Ironman Texas, Ironman Brasil, Ironman Louisville, Ironman Canada, Ironman Hawaii, Vegas 70.3 World Championships and the USA Triathlon National Championships (Olympic and Sprint). Appropriately, She is widely regarded as one of the top Masters swim coaches in the world. As a multisport coach, Maria works with all levels of athletes across all distances, from sprint to Ironman finishers. Her deep experience in coaching swimmers has seamlessly carried over into multisport and the athletes with whom she works. She offers individual/group swimming technique lessons in addition to her multisport coaching services.

Prior to returning to Dynamo, she served as an Assistant Coach with Georgia Tech, helping guide athletes to several school records and NCAA Championship time standards. Before coming to Tech, Thrash held various age group swimming positions in Georgia, including the Head Senior Coach at Swim Atlanta where she coached one male and one female state record holder and tutored the male high school Swimmer of the Year. She has twice been named Georgia Coach of the Year.

Coaching Rates (2017)

  • Multisport: $200/month
  • Single-sport: $100/month
  • Lactate Testing: $100 (Coached Athlete – Repeat) $135 (Coached Athlete – New) / $185 (Others)
  • 1:1 Skill Development: Please inquire
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Brent Pease - Multisport Coach
Multisport Coach
Brent has been a part of the Dynamo Family since 2009, first as an athlete and now as a coach. He completed his first Iron-distance race in 2010. Since then he has gone on to complete six Iron distance races and numerous 70.3 & Olympic distance races. Brent also competes in triathlons with his brother Kyle who was born with cerebral palsy. Together they help other disabled athletes compete in the multisport & endurance sporting world through their organization, The Kyle Pease Foundation. Brent and Kyle just recently completed their second iron-distance race together at Ironman Florida in November of 2014.

Brent a native of Atlanta, swam at Woodward Academy and graduated from Florida State University. After school Brent worked on multi family high rise construction management before transitioning to the endurance world as a Brand & Outreach Manager for All3Sports. Brent works with athletes all of ranges of abilities and distances.

Coaching Rates (2017)

  • Multisport: $195/month
  • Single-sport: $95/month
  • Lactate Testing: $100 (Coached Athlete – Repeat) $135 (Coached Athlete – New) / $185 (Others)
  • 1:1 Skill Development: Please inquire
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Haley Chura - Multisport Coach
Multisport Coach
Haley is one of the founding athletes of the Dynamo family and is now using her vast experience in endurance sports to formally pass on to others as a one of our coaches.  While racing as a Dynamo Multisport coached age-group athlete, Haley qualified for the Ironman World Championship four times, with two age-group podium appearances. She was also on the podium in the 70.3 World Championship and was the overall women’s champion at the 2012 USAT Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship.

In 2013, Haley left her accounting job to go all-in with triathlon as a professional. In her first year as a pro she won her first 70.3 title in New Orleans, finished 5th at Ironman Brasil, and was the first woman out of the water at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. She has followed up her rookie year earning the crown of Ironman Fortaleza champion and placing 3rd at the Ironman Augusta 70.3.

Currently living in Atlanta, Haley won a National Championship with the University of Georgia Women’s Swim Team and competed in the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials in both 2004 and 2008. After college, she took up triathlon to stay fit while working full time as a Certified Public Accountant.  She currently works with all ranges of athletes across all distances. Haley is also active on her blog ,, providing workouts, updates on her training and racing and general missives on the life of a professional triathlete.

Coaching Rates (2017)

  • Multisport: $250/4-weeks
  • Single-sport: $125/4-weeks
  • Lactate Testing: $100 (Coached Athlete – Repeat) $135 (Coached Athlete – New) / $185 (Others)
  • 1:1 Skill Development: Please inquire
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Rebecca Carpenter - Multisport Coach

Rebecca Carpenter is Head Coach of the Dynamo Multisport Juniors team and has coached athletes ages 16 to 67 in multiple world championships races. Rebecca is also a proven competitor at all distances from ITU-style sprint distance draft-legal racing to the Ironman World Championships age group podium. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS degree in Engineering Management and worked in industry for over 20 years. A competitive swimmer since the age of 9, her love for the triathlon lifestyle was sparked in 2005 after a co-worker dared her to do an Ironman.

Rebecca uses her own racing experience and engineering background in her coaching approach to design individualized training plans. She understands her athletes have multiple priorities competing for their time and works with each athlete to create a plan to meet his/her goals. In our dynamic lifestyles, she believes strong communication between the athlete and coach is key to delivering high quality plans.

Rebecca is excited to work with busy professionals to help them reach their active lifestyle goals. She loves coaching adults, youth, and high school athletes to instill an active lifestyle and use sport as life lessons to build and teach character.

Rebecca is married to husband, Kris, also an avid endurance athlete.


  • BS Electrical Engineering, MS Engineering Science
  • USAT Level 1 Certification, USAT Youth & Junior Certification

Rebecca’s Athletic Accomplishments

  • 9 time Ironman Finisher including 6 podium finishes (3 IM World Championships, 2 AG wins, IM KY amateur course record).
  • 2012 Ironman 70.3 World Championships podium finish.
  • Overall Female & age group wins at distances ranging from sprints through Ironman.
  • USAT All-American distinctions including ranked #1 – 2009.

Coaching Rates (2017)

  • Multisport: $225/month (Youth and Junior athletes, please inquire directly via email about rates.)
  • Single-sport: $100/month
  • 1:1 Skill Development: Please inquire.
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