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As we enter Thanksgiving week, this time for reflection and gratitude, I want to make one final call to action to say thanks. This is the final week for our Capital Campaign drive. We are close to reaching our $400,000 donation/pledge December 1st goal. From the Masters and Multisport group alone, we have raised a fantastic, generous $77,000. Entering this last week, I’m asking that everybody gets involved. I’m asking to forgo the dollar numbers and look at the process. The goal of the process is to get 100% participation from our group. No dollar figure is too small. Your participation, though, is quite big. Every donation and pledge to Dynamo Swimming Club, a tax deductible 501c3 organization, is going to make a difference at this point. Your participation is reflection of this wonderful community that exists because of you all.  Please participate.  Say thanks to Maria, to each other and to the We in Dynamo.

To pledge or dontate, please either pick up a Pledge Card from Maria, Matthew or Jason Turcotte or:
1. Visit

2. At the landing page, click on the Dynamo Masters button

3. On the Dynamo Masters page, on the left-hand side, click on the Capital Campaign banner

4. Click on the “Please Donate” button


With Grace, Gratitude and Community,


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Series T Indoor Cycling Now Enrolling

We are pleased to announce general registration for the final 2012 series of PowerCycle classes.  As we enter the Transition Season, this series will consist of 6 weeks under the current format – Mondays as Base Skill and Wednesday/Thursday as Intervals with a strength and general conditioning emphasis.  Please come and check out the indoor cycling program that has helped propel beginners to their first race finishes and our athletes to podium finishes at World Championships in an unmatched supportive, fun communal environment.  We  hope that you finish your year with us.  Please register for any class you would like that is available in our Eventbrite, the registration engine.  You will see that the Wednesday 5’30am class is not listed there.  We will be handling registration for that class individually per the limited availability for that class.
For exact information, please see below:
DURATION: Monday, 11/5 – Thursday, 12/20
NOTE: There will be a week break from 11/19-11-25 for the Thanksgiving Holidays


5’45am Base Skill: Coach Shanks

7’05am Base Skill: Coach Shanks
5’30am Intervals: Coach Matthew
7’05am Intervals: Coach Matthew
5’45am Intervals: Coach Shanks
$90 for the series (1 day; $180 for two classes)
Drop-ins -> $20
NOTE: Athletes who purchase the entire series worth of classes will be allowed to use the equipment during off-hours at their own discretion provided a coach is available to open the Loft for their use
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The Next Chapter

We’ve had a lot of special milestones the past two weeks as a team – 5 athletes in Kona, our 4th Birthday, another Kona podium.  Each of these milestones should be celebrated because together, as a team, they are possible.  It’s with great joy and pride that we celebrate another milestone.  Our own Haley Chura will be racing as a professional triathlete moving forward.

Haley has grown up as a triathlete with many of you.  Betty Janelle took her under her wing early on as Haley was learning the sport, acting much as a triathlon “mother”.  The Lane 8 girls – Shelly, Beth, Dori – have kept swimming fun for her.  Maria Thrash has been critical in helping Haley maintain that swim weapon she wields and coaching her when Coach can’t find the right words.  Michael Howell has been a long-time running partner pushing her and helping develop that discipline into a strength.  Kathryn Honderd has been a steady, predictable roommate at camps and the races.  Allen Heaton has been the steady hand to get her on her bike safely and swiftly.  Drew Marlar, Micki Donegan, Linda Linda Varney Anderson, Albert Bodine, Erik Johnson, Brent Pease and Michael Kidd have kept training fun and inspiring.  Michael Dukes, Steve Barth and her work colleagues at Bennett Thrasher, including GREENies Brian Hamm and Lyn Reagan, have been encouraging of her sporting pursuits.  Morgan Clark and the All3 Team, Ryan Dolan and the TYR Team as well as Chance Regina at Blue, Matt Booth at Mizuno, and professional triathlete

Happy 4th Birthday & Mahalo

It seems fitting that Dynamo Multisport was born during an Olympic year.  The Olympic year is always focused, determined, stressful, fervent and wildly fun.  These same adjectives could easily describe our GREEN family.  As I wrote to our own Betty and Ernie Janelle last week, we definitely put the “FUN” in dysfunction, something that all families deal with in their own idiosyncratically unique way.  When I think back on these four years, I look at the evolution of our program from humble beginnings in the Chamblee weight room and 12 athletes on the roster to kick off 2009 to the 5 athletes we had at the Ironman World Championships last Saturday.  More defining about those four years, though, was the personification of our community that has developed in that time last Saturday:  the 30 strong support team lining the sea wall in an armada block of green, dotting the streets of Ali’i Drive and pedaling the Queen K on the most sacred grounds of our sport.  To say we’ve come a long way would be an understatement.

I wrote in a blog last week that what defines Dynamo Multisport now isn’t what has changed in those four years; it’s what has remained the same.  Our culture is fiercly in tact.  We are defined by not what we do in the races but the people who compose the ‘We’ in Dynamo.  We are caring, passionate, welcoming, diverse, respectful athletes who have congregated around an idea of community in the shared passion of multisport.  This hasn’t changed.  And as we look towards […]

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