Enrolling PowerCycle Series 2

Hello DynaNation!  We’re on the precipice of race season for 2012 and  we are pleased to announce registration for the second series of PowerCycle classes of 2012.  We have already had priority registration for our Coached Athletes and Incumbents, and are happy to report we still have limited spots available.

All sessions will leverage the primary benefits of our training system: a controlled, specific environment that is structured around achieving specific adaptations using your own bike, a certified instructor and a true team of your classmates.  The classes will be structured appropriately for the race season.  Mondays will be a Base Skill & Strength session.  The emphasis will be on skill and strength development, specifically emphasizing pedaling technique through various drills.  We will couple these drills with more sustained aerobic level strength work to maintain current strength during race season.  This class is designed to be very moderate in intensity assuming larger training loads coming out of the weekend.

Wednesdays & Thursdays will be our Base Intensity sessions.  The emphasis for Series 2 will primarily be threshold development and aerobic efficiency.  Classes will often run separate workouts within the class, allowing athletes to choose between more of a long course or short course focus depending on where the athlete’s emphasis lies.

DURATION: 8 calendar weeks from April 2 – May 24, 2012

PRICING: $120 for the 8-week series (1 day) / $240 for the 8-week series (2-days) / $20 drop-in


Mondays – Base Skills / Strength  – 5’45am & 7’05am

Wednesdays – Intervals – 5’30am & 7’05am

Thursdays – Intervals – 5’45am

REGISTER: To register for any of the classes, please click HERE

You do not need to be a previous PowerCycle athlete to take advantage of our methodology that has helped new athletes […]

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Welcome to Local Partner Mizuno Running

Official Shoe Sponsor of The GREENIt’s with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome Mizuno Running to the Dynamo Multisport family. Continuing in our focus of partnering with best-in-class organizations such as TYR and GU Energy, we are thrilled to be able to work with Mizuno, whom like our other best-in-class partners All3Sports and Blue Competition Cycles, are local to Atlanta metro. Mizuno’s North American Headquarters are based locally, and our own Matt Booth, represents Mizuno locally as well as in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Our Dynamo Multisport athletes will be able to purchase Mizuno running shoes at wholesale prices plus tax in three group purchases throughout the year:

(1) March 15
(2) June 15
(3) September 15

To purchase shoes for the March 15th deadline, please follow the below steps:

(1) Request an order form from Coach Shanks or Coach Matthew

(2) Go to the Mizuno Running website to get more information on specific products

(3) Submit your order form to Coach Matthew or Coach Shanks by March 15th; this includes providing a current credit card for payment

(4) Orders will be shipped to Coach Matthew within 5 business days and be available only at the Chamblee pool for distribution

This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a great local partner and we hope you can take advantage of it.  If you have specific questions about Mizuno products, please contact Matt Booth directly via email.  And when you see Matt at the pool next time, please thank him.


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Enrolling PowerCycle Series 1

Happy 2012, DynaNation!  We are pleased to announce registration for the first series of PowerCycle classes of the 2012 season.  We have already had priority registration for our Coached Athletes and Incumbents, and are happy to report we still have limited spots available.  This series will consist of 10 weeks under the current format – Mondays as Base Skill and Wednesdays/Thursdays as Intervals.  We hope you kick off your season with us this year.
For exact information, please see below:
DURATION: 11 calendar weeks from 1/9 – 3/22 (10 total class weeks); Monday 1/16 class will shift to Friday 1/21 for the Eastern Invite at Dynamo
NOTE: There will be a week break from 2/13-2/16

CLASSES / REGISTRATION LINK / INSTRUCTOR:  *To register, please cut and past the registration URL into your web browser
5’45am Base Skill: / Coach Shanks
7’05am Base Skill: / Coach Shanks
5’30am Intervals: / Coach Matthew
7’05am Intervals: / Coach Matthew
5’45am Intervals: / Coach Shanks
$150 for the series for 1 day / $300 for the series for 2 days (e.g.,$300 for Monday/Wednesday)
Drop-ins -> $20
NOTE: Athletes who purchase the entire series worth of classes will be allowed to use the equipment during off-hours at their own discretion provided a coach is available to open the Loft for their use
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Welcome to the Family

DynaNation –

It is with great pleasure that Maria and I introduce the newest addition to the Dynamo Multisport family, coach Andrew Shanks.  Many of you have seen Andrew as one of our regular coaches in our PowerCycle indoor cycling classes this past year or shadowing Coach Maria on the pool deck.  We are thrilled to have his talent and his passion in a more formal role on the team as another one of our full-time coaches.

Growing the vision for Dynamo Multisport has always been something that Maria and I have been very careful about.  Our people – athletes and coaches – have developed a culture built on integrity, passion and respect for one another.  As it relates to growth, I have only wanted to expand with people who fit the way we do things.  Maria is such a special person and coach that the bar has been set really, really high.  Finding a coach like her doesn’t just happen, and harder yet, more than one coach of her caliber and character.  So for the last several years I have been patient with the process, keeping my eyes and ears open and allowing things like expansion to occur organically.  Be sure that the priority for Maria and me has been to preserve our culture above anything, including expanding the breadth of our reach of our vision.  We are thankful that Coach Shanks – a character person first and foremost and equally as talented coach – allows us to seamlessly preserve our culture and now expand the capabilities of reach.  In short, Coach Shanks “fits” with who we are and how we do things, and we, as a team, are all better […]

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DMS News Link – November 2011

The leaves have changed and are slowly falling off their limbs.  Fall has arrived here in Atlanta and with it, the beginning of the 2012 racing season on the WTC calendar.  With Winter lurking around the corner, most of us are in Transition Season mode.  Take this time to recharge body and mind, heavily invest in those relationships that make your training and racing possible, work on your skills and the aerobic engine.  In short, be kind to yourself for a long season past and the one that is ahead.

We have had a fair amount of 2012 racing already with Ironman Florida, Ironman Arizona and Cozumel in the books this month.  Linda Anderson, Kathryn Honderd and John Marshall (Coached Athletes) as well as Kevin Millam and Mike Buteau hit the sands and flats of Panama City Beach, Florida.  Kevin, Mike and Kathryn all had impressive performances in their IM debuts.  Kathryn culminated a special season by placing 2nd in 25-29, securing the first Dynamo Kona slot for 2012.  Linda had a massive PR at Florida, shaving a full 2 hours off her IM-distance best while clocking in at a shade above 12 hours.  John, coming off a collapsed lung 2 weeks prior, had a fantastic race in context, showing grit and pride.  Carrying the momentum into Arizona, Coached Athletes Bill Otten and Greg Stivers continued the 2012 showcase.  Bill, like Linda, shaved 2 hours off of his personal best en route to a sub-12 finish.  Greg, in his IM debut, clocked under 11 hours even while flatting out on the bike.  Fantastic performances all around for all of our athletes.  Finally, Nate Pramik returned to the Gulf on behalf of THE GREEN, having another nice […]

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Happy 3rd Birthday & Mahalo

Happy 3rd, GREEN!  As i type out those words, I can’t help but smile.  Since our humble, modest beginning three years ago, we’ve shared a spectrum of experiences across our family.  For me, this year marked incredible highs and devastating lows.  In the former, we saw the Brothers Pease – Brent, Kyle and Evan – complete their first triathlon as Walking With KPeasey, providing us the model of strength, endurance and perservearance.  WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, we cried, and through their love of one another, we, as a GREEN family, grew closer through their triumphs.  A week after their triumphant day, we lost one of our own, as Hilton Kort lost his battle with bladder cancer.  Our loss, though, continued to bring us closer together.  We celebrated his life under the perfect fall day this past weekend, as so many of you volunteered and/or ran the first HK5K in his honor.

The DynaNation family continues to grow.  Coach Maria Thrash has built the best-in-class masters swimming program arguably in the entire world.  Two of our Masters Swimmers, Haley Chura and Rebecca Carpenter, exited the the waters off of Kailua-Kona last weekend in the Ironman World Championships, as the number one and number five female amateurs in the swim.  It’s safe to say no other program in the world can boast the same accomplishment.  The masters program has continued to nourish Dynamo Multisport and vice versa.  These two siblings grow our families and allow us to share the Dynamo Multisport culture with more athletes.

And speaking of that culture, the original […]

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DMS News Link – September ’11

DynaNation – it’s been a long time!  I hope this finds everybody well and successful seasons either in the bank or soon to be in the bank.  We had our largest crew ever race day at the Augusta 70.3 this past weekend – 22 in total – and it was a fine way for our team to cap off the season – as a team, foremost, and then with some spectacular performances.

Looking forward, we still have several big races on the board for 2011.  Rev3-Anderson awaits, as does Beach-to-Battleship.  On the WTC calendar, Ironman Florida, Arizona and Cozumel kick off 2012 in North America, and we have several athletes racing in these in November.  Haley Chura and I leave for Kona at the end of the week, marking the third consecutive year the GREEN will have a plurality of athletes at the Ironman World Championships.  There’s lots to be excited for, but of all the events that are upcoming, there’s one in particular that I’m asking all of you to rally around.

The Hilton Kort 5k – HK5K

On October 15th at 8am, the HK5K will take place at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church.  The event is in honor of Hilton Kort, one of our Dynamo Multisport brothers who passed away form bladder cancer this past May.  Hilton was one of the pre-eminent IVF physicicans in the entire world.  He was also a world-class triathlete, participating on several Team USAs at various distance World Championships as well as qualifying for and participating in Ironman Hawaii.  But more importantly, Hilton was a world-class human […]

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NewsLink – February 2011

We are 1/12th of the way through 2011.  While race season seems far away, for a lot of athletes, it’s closer than we think.  The inaugural Rev3 Costa Rica and San Juan 70.3 loom near, and soon enough within the southeast region, we’ll be hitting New Orleans, St. Anthony’s and John Tanner.  With several foot races contested in the next two months, the season really is here.  We hope 2011 has started well and continues well for all of you.

The Loft

In case you haven’t seen or heard, we have a new indoor cycling space at the Chamblee facility.  The space is located immediately above the front entrance and features 14 power-based indoor trainers.  A group of our athletes spent the first two days of 2011 helping Coaches Maria & Matthew ready the space.  Complete with a flat screen, DVD and stereo system, we are proud of “The Loft”.  The space will allow us to offer more services and free up the weight room to add a strength & conditioning class this fall.  In the interim we have a full slate of our intrepid PowerCycle classes available buoyed by a talented roster of excellent instructors.  Come check out these classes that have helped first time triathletes, a USAT national champion and an Ironman Hawaii podium finisher in pursuit of their goals.

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DMS NewsLink – November ’10

We are past the ides of November. One more race down in Mexico, and we can call it a wrap on the 2010 triathlon season. And what a season it has been. From the local lakes of the Tri the Parks series, to warm waters off the coast of Hawaii, finishing up in the Gulf of Mexico off of Cozumel, we’ve done some racing (and more training) in 2010. And because we’re almost at the end of the race road, it’s time to start thinking about a celebration to commemorate the great year it’s been and the exciting 2011 that’s on the horizon. First, let’s get Nate, Angela & Kari home quickly from Ironman Cozumel next weekend.

Holiday Party 2010

Anticipating the end of the season, we’ve got a party planned.  GREEN Coached Athlete Dave Brautigan has made arrangements to host us at his joint, Rocky Mountain Pizza, for some food, drink, banter & an NBC Kona-viewing partay.   Details?  See below:

WHEN: Saturday, December 18, 2010 – 3’30pm-6’30pm (or later)

WHERE: Rocky Mountain Pizza / 1005 Hemphill Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30318 (404-876-8600)

COST: $5 per Person/Family (just a little donation towards the food & drink pot – if you’re bringing family, just $5 for all of you)


Helping our Partners

We have a soon-to-be-announced partner coming on board for 2011.  While it’s a little double-secret right now, what we can tell you is that the sponsor is in the GREEN family currently.  We would like to help out our secret friend with some market research.  If you’d be so inclined, please fill out this quick 3-minute […]

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Happy Birthday & Mahalo

Happy Birthday, GREEN!  It boggles this simple coach’s mind that it’s been a full 2 years since we announced the inception of Dynamo Multisport.  Carrying upon our momentum from last year, the past 12 months have been a success in any definition.  Our community of caring, passionate athletes has grown larger, but more importantly, stronger.

This year, we not only competed as a team at races locally (e.g., TTP, Charles Harris), regionally (Rev3) and nationally (CA 70.3), but we, the DynaMafia, travelled to such exotic locales as Tuscaloosa and Louisville to watch and cheer for those of you competing in your events.  We even had the DynaNation vuvezalas show up in Kona last week to make our presence known to the spectators at Ironman Hawaii.  This is special stuff, indeed.

Our successes also have included results.  PRs abounded this year, the true performance metric in sport.  We’ve had people participating in multisport for the first time.  Athletes stepping up to distances never before travelled.  Podium finishes in local events.  Podium finishes in WTC-sanctioned events.  Our first National Champion was crowned last month.  And for the second year in a row, we had multiple athletes competing in the most hallowed stage of multisport, the Ironman World Championships in Kaileua-Kona, Hawaii.

Reflecting on the last 24 months, I continue to go back to our community of athletes and the support we show one another.  It’s the strength of our community that stirs my soul and inspires me.  We are young (only 2), as a community, and our vibrancy is as much a reflection of the novelty of our group as it is the people who compose it.

As we enter year 3 and our community moves along its life cycle […]

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