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Born from a storied tradition. Homegrown.
Welcome to Dynamo Multisport. I am Matthew Rose, founder and Head Coach for our little GREEN family. Launched in October 2008, Dynamo Multisport finds its roots in a deep passion for coaching and the love of sport. Seeing an opportunity to leverage the fantastic Masters Swimming program Coach Maria Thrash had built at Dynamo with the extra facility space available, Maria and I introduced indoor cycling classes at the Chamblee location in January 2009. In addition to the Masters Swimming and indoor cycling sessions, we began coaching triathletes with individual programs. 6 athletes grew into 20 by the end of the 2009 season, including two Ironman Hawaii qualifiers, one of whom stood on the podium at the greatest stage of the triathlon world that year.

Now, years later, the core culture characteristics of our group – caring, empathetic, diverse, fun-loving, loyal, proud and driven – are fiercely in tact. Maria and I have purposely chosen to vision and lead this group as a family. As such we are incredibly close. As such, we have our fair share of family dysfunctions. We are not without faults, but the downsides of our dysfunction, I believe, are worth the upsides of how inextricably wound together this group is.

The Dynamo name carries a rich history in the swimming world. As a young age grouper growing up in the Southeast, I saw Dynamo was one of three teams that were the model programs in our region and also nationally. The Dynamo swimming tradition, for me personally, has always set the bar for the vision of elite performance. Dynamo Multisport is built primarily on amateur triathletes, so elite performance-oriented athletes aren’t necessarily the norm. However, for those who want it, we have leaders who are willing to dream the big dream, and who have experience implementing a program to chase those dreams. And for those who are seeking a supporting, caring community of endurance athletes, that’s who we are first and foremost. Performance is always secondary to integrity and care for one another.

As for “home grown”, well, I take enormous pride in the fact that our athletes come to us organically and we lead with family in mind. Our athletes aren’t recruiting, lured by specific incentives as many teams with far greater numbers than us have. We are supported primarily by Georgia area-based companies: Albopads, All3Sports.com, Mizuno Running are all based in Atlanta metro and Chattanooga-based QR is in our backyard. Each is a critical member of our family. I believe in supporting the companies that support our geographical community, and these companies have those same core values. We surround ourselves with good, honest people because that’s who we are. And the leaders of those organizations are those people.

We hope you come and give us a look – swimming, indoor cycling, coaching programming. Come see our little family. We are friends. We are teammates. We are family. WE ARE DYNAMO!

-Matthew Rose

Meet Our Coaches

Matthew Rose
Matthew RoseHead Coach
Maria Thrash
Maria ThrashHead Masters Swimming Coach
Andrew Shanks
Andrew ShanksMultisport Coach
Brent Pease
Brent PeaseMultisport Coach
Haley Chura
Haley ChuraMultisport Coach

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