It’s Championship Week around the world.  That is for the World Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event on the planet.  So in keeping with the Championship theme, this week we do some Championship prep work.  It’s lactate clearance time.  Having the ability to effectively metabolize lactate in the swim is an important skill in maximizing your overall performance, for not only the swim leg but also the entire race.  The skill allows you to surge and recover at race pace during critical moments in the swim and actually race this portion of the day tactically.


In this set we use the 50s to accumulate lactate into the system.  While the 50s are done at a sub-maximal effort, they are  still very, very fast.  The longer intervals at race pace and shorter rest are used to then manage the metabolic byproducts, including lactate.  Depending on where you are in your season and the length of the swim you have coming up in your ‘A’ race, you can add/subtract to the fast 50s or the longer intervals to periodize this set.

Before getting going on the set, be sure to be properly warmed up and ready to go.  In our first installment of this series we talked about ground rules for warm up and a pre-main set here.

Lactate Clearance Set

3×50 @ 25″ Rest Interval (RI), FAST!!!

3×200 @ 15″ RI, Hold Race Pace

200 @ 30″ RI, easy

3×50 @ 25″ Rest Interval (RI) – FAST!!!

4×150 @ 10″ RI, Hold Race Pace

200 easy

Total: 1900 yards or meters