Some Monday morning blocking and tackling this week. Whether you do this one middle of the week or end of the week, this one’s steeped in technical fundamentals and aerobic maintenance, packaged in a nice ascending/descending ladder. In our first installment of this series we talked about ground rules for warm up and a pre-main set here. As you choose the drills, look for inspiration from last week’s session here.


Blocking & Tackling Aerobic Ladder

100 @ 15″ RI, 50 drill/50 free

200 @ 15″ RI, pull, negative split to z3 or 80% of race effort

300 @ 20″ RI as 3x[50 drill/50 free]

400 @ 20″ RI, pull, negative split to z3 or 80% of race effort

400 @ 20″ RI as 4x[50 drill/50 free]

300 @ 20″ RI, pull, negative split to race effort

200 @ 15″ as 2x[50 drill/50 free]

100 pull @ race effort

total: 2000 yards or meters