Coming off a big sports weekend here in the States – World Cup, US Open, NBA Finals, US Swimming Open Water Champs & a Game of Thrones finale – we have a mid-week work set to challenge your fitness. The idea behind this set is to get faster as the distances get shorter.  I like using odd distances for certain sets because our egos aren’t wrapped up in specific numbers based on our past performances.  This allows us to more readily focus on the process of executing the set rather than get too wrapped up in the numbers we’re hitting.  Before getting going on the set, be sure to be properly warmed up and ready to go.  In our first installment of this series we talked about ground rules for warm up and a pre-main set here.




Winning Descent

2x Through:
2x 250 @ 20″ RI, steady, slight negative split
2x 125 @ 15″ RI, race effort
4×75 @ 5″ RI or tightest interval that provides 3-5″ rest at slightly FASTER than race effort
2×25 @ 20″ RI, ALL OUT!!!

Total: 2200 yards or meters