This week’s swim is a COP set – Change of Pace.  To be able to efficiently move up and down different paces in all the legs of the triathlon, is a skill that will allow you to maximize your performance.  For today, we’re looking to train the body to handle change of pace driven by the kick.  At Dynamo we primarily talk about the kick in terms of setting up the swim with the bookends- the beginning and the end.  But we also want to be able to change pace in the middle of a swim if it means the difference between catching a draft or not.

One of the biggest concerns with emphasizing the legs is creating too much metabolic waste and digging deep into the day’s glycogen stores.  By training the body to clear excess metabolic byproducts from working different sections of a set, we now have more moves available to us in the swim.  We can go hard at the beginning to create some space.  We can bridge to another group of athletes for drafting purposes in the middle of the swim.  We can get the legs ready for T1 and the bike at the end of the race.  To be able to more efficiently approach the anaerobic threshold red line and recover at slower paces allows us more tactical moves that can help set up an optimal race day.

Before getting going on the set, be sure to be properly warmed up and ready to go.  In our first installment of this series we talked about ground rules for warm up and a pre-main set here.


Kick COP Set

3×200 @ 15″ RI, with fins – emphasize the kick the entire swim while maintaining normal stroke rate

2×300 @ 15″ RI, pull – #1 steady, #2 race effort

3×200 @ 15″ RI, swim – #1: steady / #2: race effort with middle 100 emphasizing kick / #3: race effort

2×300 @ 15″ RI, paddles-only, neg split to race effort, last 100m with more emphasis on kick

Total: 2400 yards / 2400 meters