Calling all Dynamo!

Calling all Dynamo!

Dynamo athletes & friends –

As we enter Thanksgiving week, this time for reflection and gratitude, I want to make one final call to action to say thanks. This is the final week for our Capital Campaign drive. We are close to reaching our $400,000 donation/pledge December 1st goal. From the Masters and Multisport group alone, we have raised a fantastic, generous $77,000. Entering this last week, I’m asking that everybody gets involved. I’m asking to forgo the dollar numbers and look at the process. The goal of the process is to get 100% participation from our group. No dollar figure is too small. Your participation, though, is quite big. Every donation and pledge to Dynamo Swimming Club, a tax deductible 501c3 organization, is going to make a difference at this point. Your participation is reflection of this wonderful community that exists because of you all. ┬áPlease participate. ┬áSay thanks to Maria, to each other and to the We in Dynamo.

To pledge or dontate, please either pick up a Pledge Card from Maria, Matthew or Jason Turcotte or:
1. Visit

2. At the landing page, click on the Dynamo Masters button

3. On the Dynamo Masters page, on the left-hand side, click on the Capital Campaign banner

4. Click on the “Please Donate” button


With Grace, Gratitude and Community,